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The Naked Pilgrims

AzzIzz Theater

The Naked Pilgrims

See/Book The Naked Pilgrims LIVE!

In 2008 I started working with a talented percussionist, Jason Koteen, and we are currently looking for live bookings in the Greater Los Angeles area. We have a full set of upbeat, fun, polyrhythmic acoustic originals including many Naked Pilgrims favorites as well as some new tunes.

Please listen to the samples below, which are "live" recordings of just the two of us (no overdubs), and are representative of our live sound. Please email me at johnakin@nakedpilgrim.com for availability.

John Akin, Jr.: Vocals and guitar; Jason Koteen: Congas, Bongos and Djembe.
Lyrics, Music and Recordings © 2008 John Akin and The Naked Pilgrims.

John Akin

The Naked Pilgrims is John's Alternative Rock act, two full-length CDs, "Five Years in New York" (2005) and "Three Chord Songs" (1995) are currently available.

I'm currently working on a new CD (to be done sometime in 2009), here's a sample: Natural Thing - MP3.

  • 11 MP3's are downloadable via the info page!

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Azzizz Theater Music

Also available are CD's of the original - instrumental - music John wrote for Azzizz theater dance-plays. Two CD's are available.

  •  6 MP3's are downloadable via the info page!

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Influences & Favorites

I love that a lot of people say my music is unique. Where does my style come from? My influences and favorites really are all over the place, but here's a list of what I listen to/used to listen to, including a lot of lesser-known acts... They're more "bands and acts I like" than direct influences, exactly, but it's hard not to be influenced in some way by something you connect with...

Lesser Known

The Duckhills / The Real Heroes

Soul Hat / Kevin McKinney

Poi Dog Pondering (mostly their older stuff. I'm not too into their more recent dancier stuff, although Pomegranate is one of my favorite albums ever...)

Jill Sobule

King Missle / Dogbowl

The Dead Milkmen

Shonen Knife

The Judybats


The Pogues

The Catheads

The Reivers

The Spent Poets






Better Known (No particular order)


The Beatles

David Byrne / Talking Heads

David Bowie

The Kinks

Fiona Apple

Dave Matthews



Led Zepplin

Peter Gabriel

New Order / Joy Division

The Cure

The Church

Throwing Muses / Kristen Hirsh / Belly / Tanya Donnelly

The Pixies / Breeders / Frank Black

XTC / Dukes of Stratosphear

The Roling Stones

Harry Belafonte

Cat Stevens

The Irish Rovers

Gordon Lightfoot

John Denver (yes, I admit it--I LOVE his greatest hits album...)

The Velvet Underground


Indigo Girls

They Might Be Giants

The Kingston Trio

Bob Marley

Jane's Addiction

Fleetwood Mac


Red Hot Chili Peppers


Marcy Playground

The Psychadelic Furs

The Bee Gees


Violent Femmes

The Cars

Men At Work

Nick Drake

Charlatans UK

The Stone Roses

The La's


Other bands/artists I've listened to and really like more recently though they're not specifically influences on my past work...

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five (swing)

Swing Session / Stompy Jones (swing)

Mora's Modern Rhythmists (swing)

Furr & Steve

Dos Tres (I'm helping him record an album currently)

Jamie Green

Ali Handal

The Jive Bombers / Bobby Horton (swing / rockabilly)

Shearwater (featureing Travis Weller, who was in Jump Blues!)

Guided By Voices

Alissa Moreno (my voice teacher!)

Lily Wilson

Southern Culture On The Skids




Last update: December 8, 2008

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